Robin Rants



It's just you and I

Sharing thoughts about our lives

Talking through the night.


True Love.

The moon lights the sky,

It does this every night

So the sun can rest



Be proud of your work

because when you never try

You will never win



I just can not sleep

At night the sleep eludes me

at day I'm asleep



Love is just a word

I can say it all I want

But still not feel it.



A will of our own

is what makes people special

Not following crowds



I did not have words

To explain how I felt then

just unending tears



If people would stop.

To see what was going on.

They still would be blind.



Religions are weird

They offer you happiness

But also cause war.


Source of evil.

Facebook is evil.

You talk les because of it.



The question.

I can not find it.

The question to my answer.

I wonder who asks..



Looking at the past.

I make sure I do not fall.

Or it will catch up.


Small things.

Just a friendly word.

or a small but warming smile.

Makes my day worthwile.



A personal thought

Just a whisper in the wind.

But it's still my thought.


No stopping.

When all people stop.

It should not be a reason.

To stop going on. 



The source of all doubt,

is when you do not believe,

in what you can do

Robin Rants