Robin Rants


Courage is taking a step towards something you fear,

to come closer to something you couldn't get near.

To beat the thing that haunted you for long,

show some guts and show people that you're strong.

Too much courage isn't good either,

always think before you act, take time to take a breather.

Because doing something without knowing what it's coming from,

is not courage but just dumb.

Courage also is protecting your way of life,

in times of need, it can make you as sharp as a knife.

Taking a different path than the rest,

Shows courage at its best!

For lately people will just follow,

The lies of politicians and news, not matter how hollow.

People are turning into sheep,

Not awake and not asleep.

Blindly doing what they're told to,

never questioning why, what or who.

I don't want to live like that,

I will try every day to combat!

and go another way,

so I can be myself for yet another day. 

Robin Rants